Save a Life, Give Blood


Giving Blood. Why do it?

With 25% of us requiring blood at least once in our lifetime, it really is a must that we all try & donate! It is one of the most selfless things you can do, which really WILL save lives!

Don’t believe me? Read some amazing stories here!

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When I found out I had one of the rarest blood groups, B- (only 2% of the population has this blood type), there was no question that I was going to give blood.

I first gave blood 2 years ago & I continue to give today. It’s so easy to give! Head over to the Give Blood website here & find your nearest session at a location best suited to you! You will then receive an appointment to go and give your blood.


The session will take no longer than 15 minutes & the helpful & friendly nurses will put you at ease right away. After you have given your blood sample (during the process you can use your phone, read a book etc as a distraction if you so wish), you will be able to grab a drink & some chocolate/biscuits & you are encouraged to sit & relax here for around 10 minutes before you leave.

Knowing you have done something wonderful really makes you leave your centre with a huge smile on your face. You never know who you could help when giving blood.


If you are able to give blood, I encourage everyone to go & donate!


So, what are you waiting for? Sign up as a donor today & do something wonderful!