Smile for the Camera

Teeth Whitening?

What is it & does it work?


Me & Daniel went to find out!

We’ve been thinking about it for a while, & with it being January, we thought, what the hell.

With neither of us being smokers, or heavy drinkers, we wanted, and expected to go a few shades whiter.


As we’re both Birmingham based, we found a place in nearby Wolverhampton that catered for our needs.

In comes Marie. Marie was so lovely. She made us feel at ease right away & did our checks and forms both professional and efficiently.


Firstly, Marie checked what shade our teeth currently were. This is to check how many shades whiter you have gone after having the treatment.

Overall, the procedure lasted 60 minutes. It was broken down into sections, & both me & Daniel experienced no pain, sensitivity or discomfort. For 48 hours after the treatment, you are forbidden to drink tea, coffee, wine, beer etc. & you can only eat white foods. Needless to say, me & Dan nearly died not being able to have our weekend cups of tea!


After the treatment, Marie then checked how many shades whiter our teeth had become. I had gone an impressive 11 shades whiter, & Daniel an even better 18 shades whiter! Overall, we were very happy with the results!

A top up session is advised every 4-6 months, & we are definitely going to do that in about 6 months time!

If you are Birmingham based and you do fancy having whiter teeth for a special occasion or that summer holiday, then go check out Marie’s salon here! 

You can also view their official Facebook Page here.