Those October Nights..

Happy Friday Eve!

We’ve nearly made it guys!


I’m home from work, cup of tea made, Magazines at the ready & A LOT of trash TV to watch!

I absolutely love October nights!  In fact, they are my favourite!


I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week & you’re ready for the weekend ahead!  Enjoy every second; it’s what we work for!


Coffee Date

How do you get through the working week?

For me, it’s coffee. And Daniel. When I’m able to combine the two, I can get through almost anything.

I’m lucky enough to work 2 minutes away from Daniel, so a lunchtime coffee happens quite often.


He is my best friend, & there’s nothing better than looking forward to a quick natter about your working morning!


We love our local Costa Coffee for our lunchtime rendezvous & can safely say that the staff are so friendly & attentive that I look forward to seeing them on every visit!

We could sit here forever, but unfortunately, work calls & an afternoon of business awaits!


Happy Thursday! We’ve almost made it..!