Breakfast of Champions

Good morning!

Happy Wednesday! We’ve successfully reached the mid-week point… we CAN do this people!

Breakfast is, hands down, my favourite meal of the day.


There’s nothing better than starting off your day right!


I love getting up ridiculously early (I’m one of those annoying, chirpy morning people and NOT sorry!), & I love laying the table, putting out every breakfast item in my cupboard & then infamously shouting up the stairs to wake Daniel!


Fresh coffee, a choice of tea, toast, bagels, pancakes, croissants, jams, honey, fresh fruit, eggs, orange juice.


It all makes its way onto the table with my iPad which will have the latest news on it ready to be read.


Breakfast is a perfect time to wake up, discuss the news, catch up on emails before work & just relax.  It really does go a long way.


There’s nothing worse than being rushed in the morning.  It puts me in an awful mood for the rest of the day & believe me, that’s good for nobody!


So, what are you waiting for? Rise and shine & go scramble some eggs!


Magazine of the Month

This months favourite is Hello! Fashion Monthly.


A fashion magazine bursting with the latest trends, makeup tips & celebrity interviews.


This month includes interviews with some of the amazing Victoria Secrets Angels!

In my opinion, this is the best Fashion Magazine out there at the moment. The £1 price tag & the extraordinary content is a magazine shelf dream!

The subscription fee is £11 for 1 year, or £6 for 6 months! – You also get a free gift when subscribing.

Click here to go straight to their website, where you can explore this months edition!