Where are my keys?

“I’ve lost my keys!”

How many times have we said that in a day?!

Well, I have found the perfect solution for all of us!


Thanks to Louis Vuitton, I will never lose my keys again. No more rummaging around in your handbag on a freezing cold morning, cursing under your breath while the sheer panic that you may have actually lost your keys creeps over you. Then, 5 minutes later, you’ve found them hidden in the deep, dark depths of your bag!

Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Canvas N62630_2

Well, I’ve had enough. I WILL be pushing this & I believe he will become my new best friend!

If like me, you NEED this in your life, then head over to the Louis Vuitton website now! With several print/colour options, & a 4 key or 6 key option, you will not be sorry!

PRICES  (As of March 2015)

4 Key – £115

6 Key – £140


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