Got Milk?


Welcome to my new best friend.

Coconut Milk.

Highly nutritious & rich in fibre, this milk also contains minerals including iron, calcium & magnesium AND has Vitamins such as  C, E, B1, B3, B5 & B6, this too can be your new friend!

The Victoria Secrets models swear by it, and with an endless list of benefits, there isn’t anything not to love!

Unlike Cows milk, it’s lactose, dairy and gluten free.


It also promotes brain development & bone health, as well as cleansing skin & moisturising hair!

My favourite supermarket favourite is Alpro’s milk. With no added sugars & low in calories (200ml has 40kcal), my fridge is not complete without a carton!

Not sold? Why not go check out their website where you can read more & even see how coconut milk is made!





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