Operation Fitness 2015!

Christmas is the one time of the year that I like to allow myself to kick back, eat chocolate, and to be honest, be quite lazy! It’s the one time where I can live ‘guilt free’.

Come January, I am ready to start on my fitness again and I always look forward to that first run of 2015!


I started running 2 years ago and I haven’t stopped since! Running is my favourite way to keep fit and I am in love with my new Nike Flex 2014 Flash Ladies Running Shoes that I picked up in the Christmas sale!


I’m not one for faddy diets. I’m a firm believer in fitness and healthy eating. If you abide by these, then the rest will take care of itself! I am strict Monday to Friday and then Saturday and Sunday is my time to indulge!

148520_140539002661454_140538819328139_186218_6723971_nI love food and I wouldn’t want to completely cut out the things that I love. We get one life and quite frankly, I couldn’t live without biscuits!

I love juicing and eating soups as both of these keep you fuller for longer, and are so tasty! My favourite soups at the moment are the Covent Garden soups; particularly the Skinny Souper Green soup!

covent garden soup companylogo190274_Lead

I was also given a Nutri-Bullet for my Birthday last year and it’s one of my favourite things! I recommend it to anyone thinking about juicing! They’re great for a quick fix detox!


I’ve been a member of a gym for a couple of years. I like to get there really early in the mornings (about 5.30am!), do my workout, and then leave! I love a good spin class and normally do 2 spin classes a week as well as my runs.

Pure Gym - EdinburghBodies

I know going to the gym isn’t quite a fashion show, but I always think it’s good to look the part! My favourite brand to wear is Nike. H&M also have some amazing running tights. I’m loving the patterned running tights at the moment. I think they add a little bit of fun to your workout!


What is your favourite way to workout? Have you set yourself any fitness goals this year?


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